Understanding the HCL Traveler schema

Since the HCL Traveler server comes with two options for configuring the enterprise database, it is necessary to understand the basic differences in schema creation for each of the two options. This will help you choose the correct schema configuration for your environment, as well as how to customize it.

Your enterprise database can be either DB2, SQL Server, or MySQL and there are two options for configuring it. The first option is the automatic schema migration method. For this option, you will create a Database and a User, and then HCL Traveler will create, alter, and manage the Enterprise Database Schema. This is considered the 'hands-off' approach and is the default method used by HCL Traveler for schema creation and migration. The automatic schema migration method automatically migrates the HCL Traveler schema to the latest required version. If you are using the automatic schema migration method:
  • For DB2, the DB username specified in the configuration will be used as the schema name. However, if you want to use a customized schema name for your DB2 database, you will need to configure HCL Traveler with the setting NTS_DB2_SCHEMA and set the schema name.
  • For SQL server, HCL Traveler will use the "dbo" schema by default. However, if you want to use a customized schema name for your SQL server database, then the default schema for the HCL Traveler database user must be updated to refer to that schema name. Please refer to your SQL server documentation for information on configuring an SQL user.
  • For MySQL there is no distinction between a Schema and a Database.

The second option for configuring your enterprise database is to manually perform the Database Schema creation and migration using the supplied DDL's. This option includes SQL scripts that allow you to specifically customize and manage the database to your requirements. During an upgrade, the DDL schema migration scripts need to be applied to your database before starting the HCL Traveler server. If you choose to use this DDL option, either for your initial High Availability setup or schema migration, the automatic schema migration option needs to be disabled using the NTS_AUTO_DBSCHEMA=false configuration parameter in notes.ini. However, when you want to switch from DDL to automatic schema migration migration during an HCL Traveler upgrade, you must remove the NTS_AUTO_DBSCHEMA=false configuration parameter before starting the server. Otherwise, the HCL Traveler server may fail to start and/or keep waiting for the latest schema to be installed.

The HCL Traveler server provided DDL scripts creates the following:

  • "TRAVELER" as the database name and schema name for MySQL

  • "LNT" as the schema name
  • "LNTUSER" as the DB username for DB2, MySQL, and SQL server

Both of these schema configuration options require different levels of permissions for the database user(s) that will be configured with HCL Traveler. For more information, refer to Database permissions.