Choosing whether to log in automatically

You can save your login password so that you no longer need to provide daily. If you do, HTMO remembers your password and authenticates you in the background unless you change your password or it expires.


When you log in to HTMO and see the prompt Do you want to save your password so that you can log in automatically in the future?, click Yes to save your password or No to continue to be prompted for your password. Your administrator controls how frequently you are prompted for the password.
If you want to change your selection later, complete the following steps from Outlook to display this prompt again:
  1. Click File > Account Settings.
  2. In the Email tab, select the HTMO account and click Change.
  3. Click Next and provide your password to log in.
  4. When you see the Do you want to save your password... prompt, make your new selection.