How do I create action items for mail messages?

You can mark either received or sent mail as items that need action, either from yourself or from recipients.

HCL Verse for Android includes an "Actions" application for displaying action items. Action items are created from sent or received mail.
Note: If you do not have Verse entitlement, the "Actions" application will be disabled.

You can mark mail as needing action from the mail list by left swiping on the message and then pressing the Needs Action button Needs action, or from the message itself by pressing the same button in the message. In the same way, mail can be unmarked as needing action by selecting the same button.

When viewing mail that has been marked as an action item, you will see an "action card" below the subject of the message. Press the card to change its due date, as well as add a comment. You can also mark mail as "Waiting for" when you compose it by selecting the Waiting For button in the action bar. You will see an "action card" here as well, that allows you to change the due date or specify a comment.

You can see all your Action Items by either launching the Actions application Actions button, or tapping the Needs Action/Waiting For sections of the "HCL Verse at a Glance" widget/right drawer. You can choose to show either Needs Action or Waiting For items. Tapping an Action Item displays the associated mail details view. The list of action items may be filtered by different dues dates by tapping the floating action button.

You will be alerted to actions that are Due Today in the Android Notification Center. This notification will be added at the beginning of your day, noted by the Peak Start Time setting in your Auto Sync Schedule, under Settings. You can touch the notification to be taken directly to either the single action item Due Today or the Actions application if more than one action item is Due Today. The notifications will automatically clear when the Actions app is opened or if the actions listed are viewed.