How do I uninstall the client on an Android device?

Use these instructions to uninstall the HCL Verse client from your Android device.

About this task

HCL Verse requests to become an Android Device Administrator, unless it managed by MDM. In order to uninstall the client, the device administrator must first be disabled, if present.

If HCL Verse is not managed:
  • Launch the HCL Verse application on the Android device and select Menu > Tools > Uninstall application. If the uninstall process is initiated in this manner, you will not need to manually disable the device administrator.
  • If you choose to uninstall manually, you must first disable the device administrator. To do so, select Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Select device Administrators. After you have disabled the HCL Traveler device administrator, you can use the operating system to remove HCL Traveler, by navigating to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.

If HCL Verse is managed, the Uninstall application option will not appear. In that case, you can uninstall using the normal method for uninstalling applications in Android.