Managing mail on an Android device

You can use HCL Verse to communicate with co-workers, friends, and family electronically. You can create, send, reply, and forward mail. You can also send attachments, such as files and pictures, and organize messages in folders, and save information about people in your contact list.

About this task

HCL Verse sends and displays rich text. Inline images up to a certain size display. The size is configurable in the HCL Verse settings (Menu > Settings > Applications > Auto download inline images up to).
Note: Some Android devices utilize an external hardware menu button, while others an action bar overflow menu on the screen to access menu items. Devices without a hardware menu button can use the over flow menu on the screen instead. Both options access the same menu.

For information about syncing read/unread changes in your mail, see Enabling syncing of read or unread changes.