How do I reply to a message on an Android device?

You can reply to the person who sends you a message and to all of the recipients of the message.

About this task

Use the following steps to reply to a message:


  1. Open the message.
  2. Select one of the Reply buttons Reply, located at the top or bottom of the message, or select the overflow menu to access the Reply to All action. On smaller devices, when the message displays full screen, the floating action button will also display the Reply action.
  3. Optional: To view the Cc:, Bcc:, press Menu > Add Cc/Bcc.
  4. Type your reply.
  5. Optional: Do any of the following from the overflow menu:
    • Include/Exclude History
    • Respond Inline
    • Forward with/without attachments
  6. On Android phones, select Send on the action bar to send the message. On tablets, the Send, Save as Draft, and Discard options reside in the action bar.