How do I configure HCL Verse on an Android device?

The HCL Verse client requires minimal configuration before it can sync with the HCL Traveler server. Device configurations and settings can be set and updated either automatically by the HCL Domino® Administrator with policy settings, or manually on the device by the user.

This topic describes how to set configurations manually from the device.

Table 1. Configuring HCL Verse on an Android device
How do I... Action
Register the device with a server? After the basic configuration information is entered, the HCL Verse client connects to the primary configuration server specified. It then downloads additional default configuration information and registers itself to begin receiving mail, calendar, and contacts.
Begin manual syncing for Android devices?
  1. Select the HCL Verse icon.
  2. Select Menu.
  3. Select the Sync icon in the action bar.