Monitoring your meeting and chat metrics with Grafana

Sametime uses the third-party software, Grafana, to generate insightful graphs and visualizations derived from time-series database (TSDB) data. This section covers the steps on how to use Grafana in your Sametime environment.

About this task

There are two Dashboard JSON file in the build:
  • Docker_Sametime_Dashboard.json
  • K8_Sametime_Dashboard.json file
By default, the basic Grafana dashboard consists of four rows:
  • Overview
  • Chat Server
  • Chat Proxy
  • Meetings

Each row consist of panels giving chat and meetings information to the admin.

Currently, only users that have permission to view the monitoring dashboard are allowed access. Some configuration options require admin access to make changes to the dashboard. As an administrator, you can configure your dashboard to generate insights using certain specific information. Refer to Dashboards for the details.