Applying configuration changes in Docker or Podman

Configuration files contain environment variables that can be changed and applied to the Sametime server.

About this task

You can make configuration changes by modifying the following files.
  • custom.env
  • .env
  • docker-compose.yml

The Docker and Podman commands are similar. The only difference is that Docker precedes the command when issued in a Docker environment and Podman precedes the name in a Podman environment. Example commands used in the Sametime documentation are shown using Docker. For Podman, change Docker to Podman.

Note: Values in the Docker commands are case-sensitive and must be entered in lowercase.


  1. Shut down the Sametime server.
    docker-compose down
  2. Modify the configuration file.
  3. Save changes to the configuration files.
  4. Restart the server to apply the changes.
    docker-compose down 
    docker-compose up -d