Starting and stopping the Community Server on Linux while Domino is running

HCL® Sametime® on Linux is installed on an HCL® Domino® server. You can stop a Sametime server without stopping the Domino server from running. However to restart the Sametime server, you must shutdown the Domino server and restart both the Sametime and Domino servers.

About this task

There are times when you will need to keep the Domino server running while doing Sametime maintenance tasks. For example, you might need to shut down Sametime services while you make configuration changes on the Sametime server, but you need to leave the Domino server running so you can access Domino databases on the server.

Attention: If you start a Sametime Community Server from a telnet session, exiting the telnet session terminates both Domino and the Sametime Community Server.


  1. Open the Domino server console on the Sametime/Domino server.
  2. In the Domino server console, choose one of the following actions:
    To stop the Sametime server without stopping the Domino server, type this command:
    Tell STADDIN Quit
    To start the Sametime server, first stop the Domino server by typing this command:
    Then to restart both the Domino and the Sametime servers, type this command:
    Load STADDIN