Update Time to Live index for Chat Logging

The Time To Live(or TTL) setting in the sametime.ini defines how long to store chathistory in the database.

About this task

To change the TTL from the default 90 days, you must rebuild the TTL index in MongoDB.


  1. Shutdown the Sametime Community server.
  2. Modify the chatlogging.ini and set the CL_MONGO_HISTORY_TTL value to the preferred setting.
  3. In the Mongo shell, run the following commands:
    use chatlogging
    - (confirms the name of the index - should be 'TimeStamp_1')
    db.EVENTS.dropIndex( "TimeStamp_1") 
  4. Start the Sametime Community server. This will create the new TTL index with the new value.
  5. Validate that the new TTL by checking the value in the Index. From the Mongo shell, run the following command: