Configuring Domino Directory

About this task

Sametime 11 offers support for either a native Domino directory or an LDAP directory. This selection is made during the Community server install. This topic is to provide some best practices if configuring Sametime with a native Domino directory. When you use a Domino directory with Sametime, the Internet Password field of the person document is used to authenticate the user, thus it must be populated.

Sametime can be installed into the same Domino domain as the users, or into a separated Domino domain. In the case that your Sametime server does not have the person documents inside the name and addressbook (names.nsf), you need to enable Directory Assistance.

As a best practice any secondary directories should be replicated locally to the Sametime server for better performance. Remote directories can cause delays.

If you have multiple Sametime servers, it is recommended to use a replica of the directory assistance database to ensure the content is the same throughout the environment.

All directories on the Sametime server must be full text indexed. Follow the instructions in the Domino help center to create full text indexes for the directory databases.

For more information on creating full text indexes, see Creating and updating full-text indexes for single databases

It is recommended to use the latest ODS on the directory databases. Follow the instructions in the Domino help center to upgrade the ODS:

For more information on upgrading the ODS, see Domino On-Disk Structure.

Often times the default namelookup cache size is too small at 16MB. This size can be increased to 256MB by adding the following parameter to the notes.ini file: NLCACHE_SIZE=268435456

For large Domino directories (more than 20,000 users and groups) consider increasing the group cache size in the server document. The default size is 4MB and this can be increased to 15MB using the notes.ini parameter: Group_Cache_Size=15360


Follow the instructions in the Domino help center for Creating and replicating a Directory Assistance database.

Follow the instructions in the Domino help center for Creating a Directory Assistance document for a Domino Directory or extended directory catalog.

Add the directory assistance database name to the server’s server document, following the guidance from the Domino help center:

For more information on setting up servers, see Setting up servers to use a directory assistance database.