Adding corporate branding to meeting pages using Docker

You can customize meetings to reflect your company's branding and visual presence.

About this task

You can include three levels of customizing for meetings to present a visual representation of your company. You can customize all three or any combination of the three.
  • Add a company logo. This image is displayed on the login, in-meeting, and logout pages.
  • Change the Favion and application icons.
  • Change the background image for meeting tile view.


  1. Locate and extract the into the same directory where the file was extracted.
    To obtain the file, see the File "" is required to add corporate branding to meeting pages knowledge article.
  2. To update the favicon and app icons, replace the following files in the branded-meetings-web directory.
    • favicon.ico
    • sametime192X192.png
    • sametime512x512.png
    Keep the favicon.ico file to 64x64 for the best resolution. For the other two files, use the size indicated as part of the file name.
  3. To add a custom background image, replace the branded-meetings-web/customBackground.png graphic file with your file.
    Specify IN_MEETING_BACKGROUND=true build argument when you build the Docker image.
  4. Build the Docker image.
    Include the following build arguments, based on your changes.
    The name of the logo file to be used.
    Indicate whether in-meeting background is to be used.
    docker build --build-arg BUILD_LEVEL=$(cat image-catalog.txt) \
      --build-arg CUSTOMIZED_NAME="my_custom_name" --build-arg IN_MEETING_BACKGROUND=true \
      -t branded-meetings-web:$(cat image-catalog.txt) branded-meetings-web
  5. Update the container to incorporate your changes.
    1. Edit the docker-compose.yml file and replace statement with the branded-meetings-web.
    2. Run docker-compose up -d command to apply all changes. Include the required build arguments.