Enable Sametime Proxy for Meetings

HCL Sametime Proxy 11.6 requires a configuration update to support Sametime Meetings.

About this task

This process will add the following parameters to the Sametime Proxy configuration.

  • Meeting server host and port values
  • Token Domain
  • JWT Secret
  1. As a best practice, back up the stproxyconfig.xml file stored in the conf directory of the Sametime Proxy Server.
  2. Edit the stproxyconfig.xml.
  3. Add the following parameters within <configuration> </configuration>.

    Change HOST and PORT to match the Sametime Meetings deployment. The default port is 443.


    For the tokenDomain, specify a valid domain name. Ensure that the domain does NOT include a preceding dot.


    The GENERATED_SECRET is the value created from the Sametime Meeting JWT_APP_SECRET discussed here.


  4. Save and restart the Sametime Proxy server to enable.