Update preferences

The following table lists the update preferences for the HCL® Sametime® Connect Client and Sametime® Embedded Client for Notes®.

Table 1. Update Preferences - com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.update  release 8.5.x and later
Attribute Variable type Description Release
firstTimeRestartDelayMinutes Integer. Default is 0. Defines how long to delay for the first prompt after an automatic update is completed. Prompts immediately by default. 8.5.2 and later

restart.now - user is presented with a restart dialog with Restart Now button only.

restart.now.or.later - user is presented with a restart dialog with Restart Now and Wait x minutes buttons.

restart.on.next.login - user is presented with an info message that the plug-in updates will be effected on next restart.

restart.now.no.prompt - the client is restarted automatically when update is completed without any user interaction.

Default is restart.now.or.later.

Defines how restart should be initiated on the client after an update is completed. Note this preference is just valid for administrator-initiated updates, but be invalid for user's manual updates by Tools -> Plug-ins menu. 8.5 and later
restartRemindDelayMinutes Integer. Default is 5. Defines how long to delay the restart of the client after an update is completed. This setting is ignored if restartAction is set to restart.now or restart.on.next.login. 8.5 and later
Example entry in plugin_customization.ini: