Location preferences

The following table lists the location preferences for the HCL® Sametime® Connect Client and Sametime® Embedded Client for Notes®.

Table 1. Location Preferences - com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.location  release 7.5.x and later
Attribute Variable type Description Release
manualModeSelected Boolean Specifies whether or not to detect location changes automatically. 8.5 and later
manualModeVisible Boolean Specifies whether the check box "Do not automatically detect location changes" is visible. 8.5 and later
optIn Boolean Specifies whether or not to share user's location information with other users. 7.5.1 and later
advancedView Boolean Specifies whether or not to show the advanced view for Location. 7.5.1 and later
showProfWindow Boolean. Default is false. Toggle for do not show the alert for editing location settings at location change again. 7.5.1 and later