File transfer preferences

The following table lists the file transfer preferences for the HCL® Sametime® Connect Client and Sametime® Embedded Client for Notes®.

Table 1. File Transfer Preferences -  release 7.5.x and later
Attribute Variable type Description Release
allowTransferToAnonymous Boolean. Default is true. Specifies whether or not to disable file transfers to anonymous users. Setting the value to true does not prevent incoming file transfers from anonymous users. 8.5.2 and later
saveFileLocation A text string of a valid full path to a folder on the user's computer. Specifies the path on the user's computer where files from File Transfers will be saved. Do not use '\' as the file separator. Use '\\' or '/' instead. Example using absolute path:\\Documents\\user\\SametimeFileTransfer
Releases 8.0.2 and later support the use of a relative path. Example using a path relative to the user profile folder for Windows and Mac:
For Linux,
7.5.1 and later