Disabling persistent chat and MongoDB requirements

HCL Sametime 11.6 deploys with persistent chat enabled which requires MongoDB. It is possible to remove the MongoDB requirement if persistent chat and chat logging is disabled.

About this task

  • The new HCL Web chat client requires persistent chat to be enabled. The HCL Mobile clients require MongoDB for the Push notification service.
  • Sametime 11.6 Meeting Server requires MongoDB. This topic applies only to the Sametime Community Server.

Once the HCL Sametime Community 11.6 server is installed, perform these steps to disable persistent chat and remove the requirement for MongoDB.


  1. Using HCL Notes Client or HCL Administrator Client, open stconfig.nsf on the Sametime Community server and edit the CommunityService document.
  2. Set chatlogging enabled flag to off (instead of relax). Save and close the CommunityService document.
  3. Disable persistent chat enabled policy by editing the policies.user.xml file in the Sametime Community server's program directory.
  4. Set all instances of im.persistentChatEnabled to current-value="0".

    <p:policy-attribute id="im.persistentChatEnabled" type="boolean" current-value="0" default-value="0" master-attribute-link="null" possible-value-labels="null" possible-values="null" label="im.persistentChatEnabled.label" description="im.persistentChatEnabled.desc" visible="true"/>

  5. Save and close the policies.users.xml file.
  6. Restart the Sametime Community server to apply these changes.
    Note: Review all these changes after an upgrade to ensure persistent chat and MongoDB remain disabled.