More Actions

The More Actions feature is in addition to all user actions, the moderator will have: Record, End meeting, YouTube integration features and configure additional settings.


Please see the YouTube Integration section for complete details on these features.

Meeting Settings


  1. Once a meeting has been started, the Moderator can make changes to the Settings at any time.
  2. Click the option to add a meeting password to require all users to enter with a specified password. The moderator will also be required to enter this password in all future meetings for this room.
  3. To disable the option for a moderated meeting, uncheck the Moderator meeting box. This will change control to all authenticated users and allow multiple presenters at once.
  4. With the Moderated meeting box checked, only assigned moderators will have control of the meeting and only one participant can present at a time. Presentation rights must be granted to each participant.
  5. When a meeting is created, the Allow guest users option is unchecked. Enter the meeting and select this option to allow unauthenticated users to participate in the meeting.