Updating your LDAP Bind password

You can change the LDAP Bind password that you defined when you first connected the LDAP server.

About this task

Change your LDAP Bind password by running the Connect to LDAP Servers prerequisite in the Sametime® System Console. Changing the password updates the Sametime Community Server database, stconfig.nsf and the WebSphere® Application Server. Then send the update to any other deployment managers in the environment and to the Directory Assistance database on the Sametime Community Server.


  1. From the Sametime System Console, run the Connect to LDAP Servers prerequisite. Update the LDAP Bind password when you are prompted to do so and save the changes.

    The change updates the LDAP repository configured for WebSphere Application Server.

  2. Wait for the next scheduled update task to run, which updates the LDAP Server document in the Sametime Community Server configuration database (stconfig.nsf) with the password change.
  3. If the Sametime System Console is the deployment manager for all Sametime servers, proceed to the next step.

    If there are other deployment managers in the Sametime environment, update the Bind password on each deployment manager. Make the change by editing the LDAP repository as described in the WebSphere Application Server product documentation topic Lightweight Directory Access Protocol repository configuration settings.

  4. Change the LDAP password in the Directory Assistance document on the Community Server.
    1. From the Notes® client, open the Directory Assistance database (usually named da.nsf) on the Community Server.
    2. Open the Directory Assistance document for the LDAP server.
    3. On the LDAP tab, locate the "Connectivity Settings" section and update the Administrator password.
    4. Save and close the document.
  5. Restart the Community Servers, deployment managers, and Application Servers that share the LDAP repository.