Updating your DB2 administrator password

If you change your administrator password in IBM® DB2®, you must also update your password in the Sametime® System Console, as well as the Meeting Server and, if applicable, Sametime Advanced. If you do not update your password, IBM Sametime server stops working.


  1. Log in to the Integrated Solutions Console for the Sametime System Console.
  2. Click Resources > JDBC > Data sources.
  3. Click the data source in the table. Be sure to click the DataSource not DataSource Template.
  4. In the "Related Items" section, click JAAS - J2C authentication data.
  5. Click your DB2 administrator alias.
  6. In the "General Properties" section, type your new password.
  7. Click Apply and then click OK.
  8. Repeat steps 3 - 7 for each datasource.
  9. Restart the deployment manager, then restart the Sametime System Console and Meeting Server or Advanced Server.

    The changed password only takes effect after you restart the servers, so be sure to restart all updated servers.