Enabling spam filtering with message handlers

You can extend the IBM® Sametime® Gateway Server by adding a message handler to perform SPIM (instant message spam) filtering, virus checking, additional logging, and so on. Use this page to add a message handler to the Sametime Gateway Server.

About this task

Adding a message handler involves first installing the application as a J2EE application through WebSphere® Application Server, starting it, then using the Sametime Gateway Server administrative console to configure its properties. After the message handler is configured, you must enable it and then restart the application.

The message handler must be a J2EE application that implements the Sametime Gateway Server plug-in API. See the Sametime Gateway Server Integration Guide that is included in the Sametime Software Development Kit for information on how to create a message handler plug-in.

Expected state:
  • Single server: the Sametime Gateway Server is started.
  • Cluster: the deployment manager is started, and the node agent and Sametime Gateway Server are started on at least one node.


  1. To add a message handler to the Sametime Gateway Server, log into the Integrated Solutions Console (http://localhost:9060/ibm/console) and click Applications > Enterprise Applications.
  2. Click Install and follow the instructions for installing the application.
  3. Click Start to start the application. Starting the application causes it to appear in the list of message handlers.
  4. Click Sametime Gateway > Message Handlers to view the message handler list.
  5. Click the newly installed message handler to edit its properties.
  6. Select the type: event logger, access control list, user locator, or other.
  7. Optional. Select Run the message handler regardless of whether previous handlers complete their processing of messages. If not selected, the message handler does not run if the preceding message handler failed to complete its handling of a message.
  8. Click OK.
    You should now be back on the message handler list page.
  9. Click Sametime Gateway > Message Handlers, select a message handler, and click the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order in which the message handler processes messages. Note that User locator message handler must be first and the Event logger message handle must be last.
  10. On the Message Handler list page, select the newly installed message handler and click Enable.


To remove a message handler, you must disable the message handler first, and then uninstall the plug-in through WebSphere Application Server.