Determining the service level of SafeLinx Clients

Depending on your operating system or device, you can access information about the service level of the SafeLinx Client by using different menu options.

On Microsoft Desktop Windows
Right-click the SafeLinx Client icon SafeLinx Client connected icon in the system tray, then click About. Or click Help > About from the Connections window in the SafeLinx Client folder. Confirm the build date of the client as well as the software version, which will be contained in the output.
On Linux
In the Connections window, click Help > About.
On Mac OS X
With the Mobility Client Connections window in the foreground, click the SafeLinx Client menu bar item followed by About SafeLinx Client.
On Android
Tap on the SafeLinx Client program icon. Tap on the program menu icon and select Tools then About. Be sure to note the software version and build date.