SafeLinx Clients

SafeLinx Clients can establish virtual private network (VPN) connections with mobile access services across various wireless and wireline network. SafeLinx Clients use these optimized, secure IP tunnels to communicate with resources on the internal network.

After you configure the wireless, LAN, and dial-up networks by using the SafeLinx Administrator admin interface, SafeLinx Clients can establish VPN connections to your internal network. After the network connection is made, IP applications on the mobile device can run over a wireless or wireline network.

The SafeLinx Client is positioned under the TCP/IP stack and runs IP applications across all supported networks. To the user, a radio network becomes just another network that does not require any specialized communication protocols or programming interfaces.

Mobile application programs that use a TCP/IP interface have access to both wireless and wireline networks. Programmers can develop applications in a local area network (LAN) environment, by using the standard TCP/IP application programmer's interface (API). Programmers can then run the applications to the SafeLinx Server environment without modification.