Finding broadcast errors when using mobile access services

Broadcast errors are typically missed message transmissions or extra message transmissions.

Causes for apparently missed messages can include:

  • SafeLinx Client is out-of-range, or the modem or mobile device is turned off. Broadcast data is sent only one time and not automatically sent again after a failure to acknowledge
  • The mobile device is assigned to the address for another radio network
  • The manually created all users group is not up-to-date (Dataradio only)
  • Loss or corruption of configurable address on mobile device
  • Message originator specified incorrect value for Category of Message. The Category of Message determines whether the message is written to the user's screen or to one of the ports that a user application is monitoring.
  • The message originator was not authorized
  • Mismatch between the group addresses in the mobile access services and the addresses in the network provider's list

Causes for extra messages are:

  • Message originator specified multiple groups, and the network had a mobile user who was a member of each group
  • Message originator who specified both group AllRnc300 (which has Dataradio additions) and a Dataradio group name
  • A radio data network (RDN) had multiple connections to the same mobile access services

Check the error log to see whether a message can be sent to anyone. Broadcasts that can transmit to at least one group are considered successful. Only failed attempts at sending a message to any group are logged as errors. For example, incorrect group name, nonexistent RDN®, nonexistent Category of Message, unauthorized message originator).