Troubleshooting tips

The following are common hints that can help you troubleshoot problems with the SafeLinx Server.

  • In some cases, loss of network connectivity between the Connection Manager and the DB2® server requires stopping, then restarting the SafeLinx Server. For example, when the database management system (DBMS) does not automatically reestablish a connection to the database when connectivity is restored, restart the SafeLinx Server.
  • If you need to reconfigure your directory service server (DSS) database by using LDAP, shut down the SafeLinx Server, reconfigure the directory service database, then enter mkwg -Z. Log in using the SafeLinx Administrator and reconfigure your resources. The mkwg -Z command forces the SafeLinx Server to check the DB2® configuration and LDAP schema and update them if required. It also updates the list of installed components.
  • Pings from a SafeLinx Client can be misleading: they can timeout and return a negative response because, by the time the packets eventually return, the ping is no longer listening. To make sure that there is enough time to traverse the network, enter ping -w <milliseconds>, where milliseconds is the number of milliseconds.
  • A power-saving modem can cause the mobile access services to stop delivering packets if the modem sleeps. If the network provider server tries to contact the SafeLinx Client while at the beginning of a 2-minute sleep interval, the server waits for a timeout period. The timeout period is typically less than 2 minutes. Then, the server concludes that the SafeLinx Client cannot be reached.
  • Signal strength is not always a reliable predictor of coverage.
  • To view the packet flow through the SafeLinx Server, use the wg_monitor utility.
    wg_monitor [-s <refresh rate>]
               [-g <gateway>]
               [-p <port>]
    For more information, see the Administrator's Guide for more information about using this command.
  • See theHCL SafeLinx Support home page for the latest technical information for the SafeLinx Server.