Verifying SafeLinx Server processes

Learn the names of the processes that SafeLinx Server starts and how to list them for your operating system.

When you start the SafeLinx Server on Linux systems, there is one instance of the wgated and the wgattachd processes that are initiated. The wgated process runs the functions of the SafeLinx Server, such as monitoring the status of network devices, transmitting data, and updating log files. The wgattachd process monitors the wgated process and restarts it if it fails.

To list the running SafeLinx Server processes, issue this command on UNIX-based systems:

ps -e | grep wga 

When you start the SafeLinx Server on Windows systems, the wgattachd daemon is installed as a Windows service. Click Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services to verify that this daemon was installed.

To list the running SafeLinx Server processes on Windows systems, right click in an empty space on the Task Bar, select Task Manager, and view the Processes tab. You should see the wgated, wgattachd, wgmgrd_svc, and wgmgrsd_svc processes. The names of the Windows Services for HCL SafeLinx are SafeLinx Server, HCL SafeLinx Access Manager Service, and HCL SafeLinx Secure Access Manager Service.