Configuring SIBus security with SSL

To connect securely to SIBus using SSL security, you must set up an IBM® SSL properties file and configure Library Manager with a system property that points to it.

About this task

The SSL properties file will be used for all secure SIBus connections from HCL OneTest API and cannot be changed after an SSL connection has been created. For example, if you have several SIBus transports that make SSL connections, this system properties file must accommodate all these types of transport connections.


  1. Use the system property to specify the file from which the SSL properties are to be loaded, as shown in the following example: For more information, see Securing JMS client and JMS resource adapter connections.
  2. Add the system property to the JVM Arguments field on the Application page of Library Manager. For information about using Library Manager, see Library Manager overview.


This security setting is applied to SIBus transports, as shown on the SSL tab: SSL tab of the SIBus transport