Troubleshooting: Software AG webMethods

You can use workarounds to problems that you might encounter when you use the Software AG webMethods.

Table 1. Troubleshooting Software AG webMethods
Problem Description Solution
Error when synchronizing packages with the following message: [ISS.0085.9150] Cannot perform the operation without List ACL on package XXXXXX The user that is specified in the configuration of the physical webMethods server needs to have permissions to read/list the packages that are present on the server. The current configuration can be seen in Developer by opening the package and viewing the properties; under there is a List ACL entry with a group specified. The user that you configure in HCL OneTest API must be a member of this group.
A Java heap space error occurs when you synchronize packages. If the package to be synchronized is large, it can require more memory than is available to HCL OneTest API. To control the number of services for which metadata is retrieved from webMethods at one time when you are synchronizing, set the system property greenhat.wmis.schemaSync.chunkSize in the JVM Arguments field on the Application page of Library Manager. For example, to specify a chunk size of 50 webMethods services, enter -Dgreenhat.wmis.schemaSync.chunkSize=50. For more information about using Library Manager, see Working with the Library Manager.

If this property is not specified, HCL OneTest API attempts to retrieve all the data at once.

Error when recording and fields are discarded XML doc and XML nodes types are not supported when you record webMethods events. These fields are represented as internal references on the server and HCL OneTest API is unable to produce a string representation for them. When such fields are encountered, they are discarded and an error is logged on the server.
You might see any of the following errors:
  • Messages are not captured in the Recording Studio
  • Test subscriber actions does not receive messages
  • Stubs do not receive events
  • The webMethods Integration Server log has the following entry: [ISP.0090.0004E] com.greenhat.wm.pipeline.GHTRecordingFilter.sendEventRecord -- Failed to send recorded event. Recovering. : Connection refused: connect

The connection details are sent by HCL OneTest API to the server. When events are triggered, the server makes a new connection to HCL OneTest API and sends the events using the TCP connection.

In this case, the network connection from the webMethods server to HCL OneTest API cannot be made. If the communication fails, the HCL OneTest API package on the server is designed to delete any active event handlers. This results in active tests, stubs or recording sessions to stop working.

  • Restart any tests, stubs and recordings in HCL OneTest API to recreate the necessary event monitors on the server.
  • You can fix the TCP port number that is used for the connection. By default, the port number is randomly chosen during the HCL OneTest API startup. Use a fixed port to aid debugging and prevent any issues with firewalls blocking the traffic. To set the port number, run the Library Manager and configure webMethods server port. Restart HCL OneTest API to use the fixed value.