Troubleshooting: HTTP and Web Services

You can use workarounds to common problems that you might encounter when you use HTTP and Web Services.

Table 1. Troubleshooting HTTP and Web Services
Problem Description Solution
No messages received
For SOAP messages
While configuring an operation that binds to a specific web service, you have to provide a name (header type) and a value (header value). If the value is not provided in quotes, the events are not displayed in the Recording Studio.
For messages other than SOAP
The formatter on the publisher and subscriber must be the same; if they do not match, any messages that are sent by the publisher are ignored by the subscriber.
For SOAP messages
Make sure that the SOAPAction header filter value is provided in quotation marks. Empty strings with quotation marks and empty strings without such marks are treated as different (unequal) values.
For messages other than SOAP
Specify the same formatter on the publisher and subscriber.
Address already in use: JVM_Bind Because port 80 is used by many applications, it can be necessary to deactivate some running services such as IIS or any running web servers. Check that the port number configured in the HTTP transport is not already being used by another transport or application on the host machine. Use netstat to view all open ports on a Windows machine. Any open ports that are held by HCL OneTest API are listed when you are executing netstat -n -b as IntegrationTester.exe.
Reply not received - receive reply timed out When you send a request to an HTTP resource, if the reply is not received before the socket timeout is reached, then the reply is discarded and any further test execution continues. Client socket timeout can be configured in the HTTP transport properties. If this value is set, the socket will close after the required period.
Red crosses in SOAP message When a message does not conform to a schema, upon opening the message there is a series of red crosses next to each field that no longer conforms to the schema and every parent node above it. An example is a situation where a message was stored in the message repository and the schema it was built from was changed later. Moving the mouse pointer over the field thus marked shows a description of the reason why the field does not conform. If the change to the schema was intentional, rebuild the message.
No messages shown when "watching" a web service If the website or web service is hosted on a server cluster, any requests that you send to the original address can be routed to another server in the cluster, which is not the server originally specified. This Subscriber is then not able to "watch" those messages. This can be noticeable when you are monitoring requests to websites, such as, during periods of heavy usage.
No messages shown when "watching" a local web service On Windows systems, the WinPCap libraries that the Subscriber uses do not pick up messages that are sent to and received from a service that is running on the local computer.