Global problem notifications

Problems can occur at a time when HCL OneTest API cannot display an error message. Instead, a warning icon is displayed. Double-clicking the icon reveals a list of errors.

For example, the teardown process for recording WebSphere® MQ is asynchronous and might fail at some point after the recording stops. In such a case, a global notification is the only way to communicate the failure.

The warning icon is displayed on the left of the status bar at the bottom of the page.

The warning icon is a yellow triangle that contains an exclamation point.

The icon is displayed whenever there are unresolved global notification messages. Messages are retained until you delete them, or the problem is resolved and the application is restarted. When you double-click the icon, the Global Notifications window is displayed, listing all errors, warnings, and information messages that could not otherwise be displayed.

The Global Notifications window
The following options are available for the selected message:
View full message
Opens an additional window to display the details of the message.
Copy message
Places the text of the message in the copy buffer. You can then paste the message into an email or another text window by pressing Ctrl-V.
Go to problem source
Opens an editor where the problem can be corrected. If no editor is available, this option is disabled.
View cause
Displays the exception that underlies the error. If no exception was thrown, this option is disabled.
Remove selected problem
Deletes the error message from the list. This action does not resolve the associated problem.
Remove all problems
Deletes all error messages from the list. This action does not resolve the associated problems.