Debugging with the JVM console

You can use the HCL OneTest API JVM console to debug any errors that might occur while you are working with HCL OneTest API.

Accessing the JVM console from the GUI

If the HCL OneTest API GUI is running, to open the JVM Console, click Help > About > JVM Console.

Accessing the JVM console from the command line

  1. Open a command window and navigate to the HCL OneTest API installation folder.
  2. Run the IntegrationTester -console command. The Java console is opened.

Accessing the JVM console through HTTP

  1. Open the Library Manger. In the JVM Arguments field of the Application pane, add the following line: -Dgreenhat.http.port=8999
    Note: If port 8999 is already in use, specify a different port number.
  2. Open the IntegrationTester.ini file that is available in the installation folder.
  3. After the -vm parameter value line, add the following entries:
    Note: The Java console window is displayed when HCL OneTest API is started and is closed when HCL OneTest API is closed.
  4. To view the Java console, open a browser and specify the following URL: http://localhost:8999/ConsoleOutput? in a browser.