Time series SQL routines

Time series SQL routines create instances of a particular time series type, and then add data to or change data in the time series type. SQL routines are also provided to examine, analyze, manipulate, and aggregate the data within a time series.

The several data types and tables used throughout the examples in this chapter are listed in the following table.
Type/Table Description
stock_bar Type containing timestamp(DATETIME), high, low, final, and vol columns
daily_stocks Table containing stock_id, stock_name, and stock_data columns
stock_trade Type containing timestamp(DATETIME), price, vol, trade, broker, buyer, and seller columns
activity_stocks Table containing stock_id and activity_data columns

For more information about these data types and tables, see Creating a TimeSeries subtype and Create the database table.

The schema for these examples is in the $ONEDB_HOME/TimeSeries.version/examples directory.