Database Extensions User's Guide

The HCL OneDB™ Database Extensions User's Guide explains how to use the database extensions that come with HCL OneDB: Large Object Locator, MQ messaging, binary data types, basic text search, node data type, HCL OneDB web feature service for Geospatial Data, and SQL packages.

The topics contain the following information:
  • The Large Object Locator extension manages large object data that is stored outside the database so that you can create a single consistent interface to large objects.
  • The MQ messaging extension provides an interface to the HCL OneDB MQ (WMQ) messaging products. WMQ provides an infrastructure for distributed, asynchronous communication of data in a distributed, heterogeneous environment.
  • The binary data types extension provides data types so that you can store binary-encoded strings, which can be indexed for quick retrieval.
  • The basic text search extension provides a customizable index so that you can search words and phrases that are stored in a column of a table.
  • The node data type extension gives you the ability to represent hierarchical data within the relational database.
  • The SQL packages extension provides SPL routines that you can use in an application that is compatible with other database servers. For example, the packages include large object handling, alert and message management, and random number generation.

This publication is for application developers and database administrators who want to use the built-in extensions that are provided in HCL OneDB for storing, querying, and manipulating data.