Excalibur Text Search DataBlade Module User's Guide

These topics describe the module and how to access and use its components.

The includes the etx access method, the etx_contains() search operator, and data types and routines that enable sophisticated search operations, such as filtering, matching, and highlighting. These topics also include a tutorial for setting up and performing example text searches.

This publication is written for the following groups:
  • Users who want to perform SQL searches of text data stored in proprietary format.
  • Programmers who want to build applications that call on the Excalibur text search engine to perform text searches.
  • Programmers who want to modify existing applications to take advantage of etx indexes.

You must have the following HCL OneDB™ software to use the :

  • HCL OneDB, Version 11.50 or later
  • The HCL® OneDB Large Object Locator DataBlade® Module. (The Large Object Locator DataBlade module is shipped with HCL OneDB.)
  • The HCL OneDB Text Descriptor DataBlade Module. (The OneDB Text Descriptor DataBlade Module is shipped with the .)
You can use the following application development tools with the :
  • DB-Access
  • DataBlade API

These topics are taken from .