Performing XML Publishing

The HCL OneDB™ XML User's Guide includes information about using built-in functions for XML publishing with HCL® OneDB.

You should be familiar with the HCL OneDB Guide to SQL: Syntax, which contains all the syntax descriptions for SQL and stored procedure language (SPL). The HCL OneDB Guide to SQL: Tutorial shows how to use basic and advanced SQL and SPL routines to access and manipulate the data in your databases. The HCL OneDB Database Design and Implementation Guide shows how to use SQL to implement and manage your databases.

See the documentation notes files for a list of the publications in the documentation set of your HCL OneDB database server.

This publication is written for the following users:
  • Database users
  • Database administrators
  • Database server administrators
  • Database-application programmers
This publication assumes that you have the following background:
  • A working knowledge of your computer, your operating system, and the utilities that your operating system provides
  • Some experience working with relational databases or exposure to database concepts
  • Some experience with computer programming and XML
  • Some experience with database server administration, operating-system administration, or network administration