Customize a silent installation

You can create a silent installation script, customized for your requirements, that you can use multiple times.

To create a custom silent installation script, you install HCL OneDB™ using the GUI- or console-mode to capture installation settings that you plan to reuse in multiple locations (often different host environments altogether, such as multiple computers). The installation settings are captured in a response file, which serves as a template for the installation setup to be deployed. When you run the silent installation command for the target location, the response file is specified on the command line so that same installation settings are replicated by running the script.

To expedite the time for using an embedded solution, you can deploy a silent installation as a non-root installation, which does not require any system administration privileges or user and group informix accounts. For details, see information about non-root installation in the HCL OneDB Installation GuideHCL OneDB Installation Guide for UNIX™, Linux™, and Mac OS X.