Specify the HCL OneDB environment in the onconfig file

You can set local environment variables in the onconfig file for the HCL OneDB™ instance. These settings, which are independent of the global or system environment variable settings on the computer, can be used by the oninit, oncheck, onclean, onlog, onmode, onparams, onspaces, and onstat utilities in embedded environments.

When you use the -FILE option with one of the specified utilities, you can:

  • Start the database server from a remote machine without having to create specific environment files and wrappers for each instance or without having to set the environment in a shell.
  • Define information for the server to use automatically instead of setting environment variables for an instance before you start the database server.
  • Run the HCL OneDB utility without having to set your environment explicitly in the shell before you run the utility.
  • Have a single point to specify environment variables for instances in order to further embed the underlying implementation and installation of the database server.