Customize the size of HCL OneDB

If your application runs in a low-memory environment, you might need to minimize the size of HCL OneDB™.

You can customize the size of HCL OneDB during installation and during snapshot creation.

You can use the Deployment wizard during installation to exclude parts of the HCL OneDB product that your application does not need. The installation program ensures that all dependent components are automatically selected. The installation program shows you what the size of the product will be after installation. The minimum size of the HCL OneDB installation is approximately 100 MB.

You can use the Deployment Assistant to exclude parts of the product from the snapshot of an existing HCL OneDB instance that you intend to deploy embedded in your application. The Deployment Assistant does not enforce dependencies. You can also choose which HCL OneDB client products and which dbspaces being used by the HCL OneDB instance to include in the snapshot.