Automated administration

You can automate database server administration to minimize or eliminate the need for a database administrator after deployment of the database server instance as an embedded solution.

You can configure autonomic features that are included with HCL OneDB™:

  • Autonomic configuration parameters control how the server does self-tuning and recovery. Many automatic tuning options are enabled by default. You can set other tuning options.
  • Scheduler tasks perform maintenance tasks at configurable intervals for configurable thresholds. For example, the Auto Update Statistics (AUS) maintenance system updates stale table statistics.

If you create a demonstration server during installation, many automatic features are configured based on the information that you provide during installation.

You can monitor HCL OneDB:

  • The sysadmin:ph_alert table contains server issues, ranked by severity. The issues are the results of built-in Scheduler sensors and event alarms.

You can create customized responses and corrective actions to server issues:

  • You can create Scheduler tasks to respond to alerts, event alarms, and other situations.
  • You can use the SQL administration API in Scheduler tasks and other SQL statements to perform administration tasks remotely.