Running a silent installation

You can run a silent installation command that does not require interaction.

Before you begin

Before you start a silent installation, complete the following tasks:

About this task

On each target computer, you can edit the response file to customize the silent installation in the following ways:
  • Accept the license. Include the LICENSE_ACCEPTED=TRUE property.
  • Bypass operating system prerequisite checks. Use with caution. Include the PRQCHECK=FALSE property.
  • Set the installation path. Include the USER_INSTALL_DIR=path property.
  • Overwrite existing product installations. Use with caution. Include the OVERWRITE_PRODUCT=TRUE property.
  • Create and start a database server during installation. Include the IDS_INSTANCE_CREATE=1 and IDS_INSTANCE_INIT=1 properties.


To run a silent installation on each target computer:
  1. Copy the response file and the installation media to the computer where you want to install the database server.
  2. Run the silent installation command, specifying the absolute path to the response file after the -f option:
    • UNIX, Linux: onedb_install -i silent -f response_file_path
    • Windows: onedb_install.exe -i silent -f response_file_path
    You can include some of the silent installation properties in the command instead of setting them in the response file.
  3. Complete any applicable postinstallation tasks, including initiating the disk space when you start the server for the first time.
    If you choose to create and start a database server during installation, the database server is configured, initialized, started, and ready for client connections.


Log files are created during the installation process. You can use the log files to troubleshoot installation errors.


The following silent installation command specifies the default response file in the media_dir directory, specifies an installation directory of opt/IBM/Informix with the -DUSER_INSTALL_DIR property, and accepts the license with the -DLICENSE_ACCEPTED=TRUE property:

onedb_install -i silent -f media_dir/