Calendar improvements

Notes 12.0.2 provides the following Calendar capabilities:

Dynamic online meeting enhancements

  • Delegates can now create online meetings (Webex, Zoom, Teams, Sametime and GoTo Meetings) using the mail file owner's credentials.

    Previously, delegates had to use their own credentials or the mail-file owner had to create the meeting.

    For more information, see Delegating access to set up online meetings.

  • Robust support for repeating online meetings - the correct time range applies to all the URLs within the meeting set.

    Previously, an online meeting URL would expire after three months. In 12.0.2, the meeting URL does not expire for the duration of the repeating meeting.

  • Dynamic meeting services integrate dial-in numbers and passwords automatically.
    The meeting chair does not need to manually fill dial-in numbers or passwords in the meeting description.

Free Busy time lookup for Microsoft Exchange users

When creating a calendar meeting, Notes users can now view busy and free time for Exchange (Microsoft 365) users.

This feature requires Domino 12.0.2. For more information, see Setting up free time lookups for Microsoft 365 in the Domino documentation.