How can I use a phone line to access Notes® mail and applications?

If your physical connection is a telephone line with a dialup (digital/analog) modem, you need a Network Dialup location type to use HCL Notes® mail on an HCL Domino® server, in addition to remote access service (RAS) software in your operating system (such as Microsoft Dial-Up Networking).

About this task

Note: Do not use the Notes® Direct Dialup connection type. If you are using a Home (Notes® Direct Dialup) location for RAS, edit it and change its connection type to Network Dialup. The X.PC modem protocol is not supported.

Before you proceed, ask your Domino® administrator whether your organization has a network server. With RAS, you may have access to a network server either through an ISP, through your organization's intranet, or both. A Network Dialup location type lets you call a single network server to give you access to all Notes® applications in your organization.

Note: Notes® can use RAS software to call a network server and connect from there to Domino® servers in your organization, to Web servers on the Internet, or to both. You may have access to a network server either through an ISP, through your organization's intranet, or both.

Notes® saves information about network servers in Home Location documents of the Network Dialup type and in Network Dialup Server Connection documents.


  1. Gather the following:
    • The name of your home Domino® server (for example,
    • The full telephone number (including area code) and prefix, if any, of the network server.
  2. Optional: Switch to the location where you want to use this connection method.

    For example, if your organization has a network server, switch to Home (Network Dialup).

  3. Click Tools > Client Reconfiguration Wizard.
  4. Select Domino server and in the drop-down list, select Network Dialup.
  5. Click Next and answer the questions.


Note: After you complete this type of configuration, the current Location document in your Preferences contains the name of your home server and Notes® mail file name and path (which Notes® learns from an available Domino® Directory), as well as other settings. Notes® also creates a Network Dialup Connection document (in your Contacts) to your Domino® server.