How can I change phone and time information for the current location?

You can update settings such as the area code and time zone for the current location. The area code setting is useful if you use a single HCL Notes® location (such as Travel) in different physical locations, but you don't want to create extra Location documents manually because everything except the phone is the same.

About this task

Note: The time zone and daylight savings settings in this dialog box are active only if the Use operating system's time zone settings field on the Basics tab of your current Location document is set to No. The default Yes setting is more efficient in Release 5 and later; the No setting may require additional specifications. For more information, see Advanced settings for a location.


  1. Click File > Locations > Manage Locations.
  2. Click your current location and then click Edit.
  3. Click Yes in the Prompt for time/date/phone field.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • Enter the number needed to dial to get an outside line at the location (if any).
    • Enter the country code at the location.
    • Enter the area code at the location.
    • If necessary, in the Time zone field, click the time zone at the location.
    • If necessary, select or deselect Observe Daylight Saving time in this location.
    • Enter the current date at the location.
    • Enter the current time at the location.
  6. Click OK.