How can I switch to a different location?

Because you can connect to HCL Notes® several different ways, HCL Notes® needs a way to manage information for each type of connection you use. Because you sometimes change the way you connect when you start Notes® in a different physical location, you are given a list of built-in locations you can switch between, and information about each one is stored in Location documents.

About this task

Location documents specify settings for each location such as the server where your mail resides, whether you work offline or online, and whether you use a passthru server.

Whatever location you switch to becomes the current location until you switch again.

If your User ID has a password, you can switch locations by selecting a different ID in the password dialog when you start Notes®. You can switch locations at any time by doing the following steps.


  1. Click File > Locations > Switch to Location.
  2. Click a location and click OK.