Creating and editing a Connection document

During configuration, Notes® creates a Connection document for your home server. Connection documents reside in your Contacts application and store information Notes® needs to access a server, such as the server's full Domino® name or Internet address. One server may have multiple Connection documents if you access it in multiple ways, for example over the LAN at work and using a cable modem from home.

About this task

Note: Do not use the Notes® Direct Dialup connection type. If you are using a Home (Notes® Direct Dialup) location for RAS, edit it and change its connection type to Network Dialup. The X.PC modem protocol is not supported.
Tip: If you receive a link to a server and Notes® can't locate the server, right-click the link and click Link Properties to see all the available information about the link. With this information, ask your Domino® administrator to help you create a Connection document to that server. Then try the link again.

Certain types of Location documents require associated Connection documents to achieve a connection. You can click Tools > Client Reconfiguration Wizard button at any time to create a Connection document for the type of connection you request. You can also open an existing Location document and use the Connection Configuration Wizard to automatically create a connection to a server that matches that location; for example, in a Network Dialup location type, Notes® helps you enter server information needed for the Connection document.

Tip: If you know the IP address of the server for which you want a Connection document, choose File > Application > Open (Notes Basic client users: File > Open > Notes Application), type the IP address into the Server field, and click Open. Notes® opens the server and automatically creates a Connection document for the server in your Contacts application.

Depending on the connection methods you request while using the wizard, Notes® creates different types of Connection documents.

Table 1. Connection types and methods

Notes® uses this type of Connection document

If you connect this way

LAN (Online)

LAN, cable (broadband, fiberoptic) access, or DSL

Network Dialup

Dialup modem using remote access service software in your operating system to call either:

  • a network server in your organization that connects to your organization's LAN
  • an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

To edit a Connection document manually


  1. Open your Contacts and click View > Advanced Connections.
  2. Click the Connection document you want to edit and click the Edit Connection button.
  3. Optional: To edit phone or password information for a Network Dialup connection, click the Network Dialup tab, then click Edit Configuration, and make any changes. A LAN connection does not show a Network Dialup tab.
  4. Make changes and then click Save and Close.