Passthru servers

A passthru server is an HCL Domino® server that connects to other Domino® servers when a direct connection cannot be made.

A passthru server can:

  • Connect to servers behind a firewall at your organization (if you use cable or DSL to access Notes® from outside your organization)
  • Connect to servers on your LAN that use a different network protocol (for example, NETBIOS instead of TCP/IP) from your computer, if the passthru server runs both protocols
  • Connect (hop) to other passthru servers as necessary until reaching a target server
  • Connect to multiple servers with a single phone call (if you use a phone line, a Network Dialup connection, and remote access software in your operating system to access Notes® from outside your organization)
Note: Do not use the Hunt Group connection type. The X.PC modem protocol is not supported.

For more information, ask your Domino® administrator whether your organization uses passthru servers, and which Connection documents you need to take advantage of them.

Tip: If your organization has at least one passthru server, specify it as your default server in your current Location document. Create other passthru or Connection documents on the advice of your administrator.

For information on replicating using a passthru server, see To replicate with a selected server and To create a call entry.