What are the options for editing Connection documents manually?

In a Connection document, you can click the Advanced tab and specify additional server connection options.

Table 1. Advanced server connection options


Information to enter

Only from Location(s)

The location(s) where you want to use the server connection. Use a wildcard (*) to represent all locations.

Only for user

User name(s) if more than one person uses Contacts. Separate names with a semicolon. Use a wildcard (*) to represent any user.

Note: It's better to install the multi-user version of Notes® than to share a local Contacts file.

Usage priority

Click Normal or Low. Notes® uses the priority to determine the order in which it uses server Connection documents when trying to connect to a server. If this document is Low, any other documents for the same server with Normal specified will be used first.

Destination server address (Network connections only)

The server's network address.

Login script file name (Dialup connections only)

The name of the script file you want to acquire with the server connection. For information about using script files to connect to servers, see your Domino® administrator.

Login script arguments fields (Dialup connections only)

Up to four arguments to pass to the specified script file.

Only to servers in domain (Dialup connections only)

The name of the domain you want to limit the server connection to.