How can I use iNotes® to access Notes® mail using a browser?

If your administrator sets up your HCL Notes® mail to use HCL iNotes®, you can read and work with Notes® messages using a Web browser in addition to, or instead of, the Notes® client software.

About this task

You can use iNotes® depending on what browser and software release you have. Ask your administrator to help you choose the correct software. If you use iNotes®, you can synchronize your Notes® contact list with your iNotes® contact list, as long as you have set up contacts synchronization using Contacts preferences. You can also synchronize your Notes® notebook with your iNotes® notebook.

To access Notes® mail using iNotes®


  1. Ask your Domino® administrator to make your mail file available for Web browsing, if your organization allows it.
  2. Open your browser.
  3. Enter the URL for your mail file (for example,
  4. Specify your user name and password.