How can I open a Notes application?

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Use the following steps to open an HCL Notes® application. You will need to know the name of the server on which the application is stored.
Tip: You can also use these methods to open a composite application.


  1. From the menu, click File > Open > Notes Application (Notes Basic client users: Click File > Application > Open.
  2. In the Look in field, do one of the following:
    • Enter the name of the server, for example Granite/East/Acme
    • Select a server from the list (this list is populated with servers you have already accessed)
    • Select On My computer if the application is on a local hard disk drive
  3. Optional: To see a list of all applications on the server, select the server's catalog (catalogs have a template type of catalog.nsf).
  4. Optional: If there are folders in the list, you can double-click any folder to see additional applications.
  5. Select a Notes® application from the list of available applications, or click Browse to find an application.
  6. Optional: Click Bookmark to bookmark this application so that it will be easier to find next time you want to open it.
  7. Optional: Click About to find out information about this application before opening it.
  8. Click Open.

Macintosh users

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Depending on the version of Macintosh OS you are using, folder names may include spaces, and directories may be separated by a colon (:) or a slash (/). For example, on some OS versions, in the Filename field, you would enter:

Sales!!My Folder:mywork.nsf

Opening an application using links

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If you have created a bookmark to an application, simply click the bookmark to open the application. In addition, the first time you open an application, a Notes® application icon is added to your workspace. You can double click this icon to open an application. To open the application in a new window, right click the link or bookmark on your workspace, and then select Open in New Window.

If you click a bookmark or link to open an application that has been moved to another server, you will be redirected to the correct server and the bookmark or link will also be updated to reflect the new server name.